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Davison Quality Foods: Quality Policy

We are a family business with a background of over 100 years in apple growing. Our extensive orchards are stocked with Irish Bramley apples and Golden Delicious. Our orchards are maintained in full accordance with the Department of Agriculture Guidelines. Our fruit is processed under strictly hygienic conditions at all times. No hazardous chemicals or insecticides are used and the result is production of perfect Bramley apples. We implement our quality policy using strict guidelines ensuring only the highest quality of fruit is processed.

  1. 1. It is the policy of Davison Quality Foods:

    (a) that all products conform to the company's own standards, customer specifications and statutory legislation.

    (b) that all aspects of the company contribute to high quality and safe products.

    (c) to maintain and continually improve all quality standards

  2. Quality is every employee's responsibility.

  3. Management must ensure that proper and sufficient materials, equipment and systems are provided to achieve high quality standards.

  4. The ultimate responsibility for the maintenance of the Quality System rests with the proprietor.

  5. Davison Quality Foods foremost objectives are to meet all customer expectations and satisfy every customer's needs.

  6. Davison Quality Foods has the obligation to provide its employees with a safe acceptable working environment, as well as continual training and development which will contribute to the maintenance and continual development of the Quality System.

Environmental Policy

Davison Quality Foods continually aim to maintain a high level of efficiency within the business, while minimising negative effects of production upon the environment.

The business aims to achieve this by maintaining awareness of environmental issues and ultimately avoiding wastage and the unnecessary use of raw materials, packaging and energy within its operations. Emissions, in the form of effluent, are closely monitored to ensure they do not breach levels permitted in statutory guidelines and legislation. The company disposes of its waste in ways which will have minimal negative impact upon the environment.

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