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Davison Quality Foods: Our Factory

At Davisons we are committed to processing the finest quality fruit with the highest possible standards in quality and safety. We process only the best quality apples at our modern automated processing plant in Craigavon, Northern Ireland. Our modern processing machinery and our highly trained staff in our factory ensure that we consistently accomplish our high standards in regards to fresh taste, quality and hygiene of our products.

Incoming apples go through stringent quality control inspection before going into chilled storage. The fruit is then mechanically graded and subjected to automated vision inspection, using the latest integrated "Checker & Network System". Defective product is automatically rejected. Using modern automated machinery, apples are then peeled and cored. Product is then flumed to the inspection room and subjected to physical inspection by trained staff.

Urschel dicing equipment in our factory is used to produce a variety of dice sizes before undergoing further inspection and sorting by Tegra plant. The Tegra plant is computer controlled and programmed to defined characteristics and sorting criteria, including colour and size. Our sophisticated plant enables us to meet the most demanding customer specifications. Further quality control takes place prior to dipping, after which product passes through the latest Loma metal detection system. Finished product is packed, vacuumed and heat sealed in customer specified packs prior to leaving the factory in daily despatch to customers.

All of our apple products can be tailored to meet exact customer requirements using the modern automated machinery at our factory. We can produce sliced apples in various segment sizes, we dice apple in a range of sizes and shapes, our milled and canned apples, our apple puree and pie fillings can all be produced according to customer specification. We aim to establish long lasting partnerships with our client base and therefore our vast experience in apple growing, rigorous quality policy and state of the art factory production techniques are all geared towards the finest processed apple products and the complete satisfaction of our customers.

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