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Davison Quality Foods: Our Fresh Processed Apples And Bramley Apple Products

At our modern apple processing plant in the heart of Armagh, the orchard county, we produce an excellent range of fresh processed apples in a variety of apple products using our home grown premium bramley apples. We are one of the largest apple processors in the UK and Ireland and supply processed apples to customers in the UK, Ireland and Europe. Our quality fruit, grown to perfection with over 100 years experience, is handled under hygienic conditions and prepared to agreed customer specifications.

Our product development staff are happy to extend our portfolio of processed apples and apple products range, and we are currently working with alternative fruits, preservatives and packaging. All of our processed apple products are available from sources, if required. Our factory has been approved by the. Preservation options: Ascorbic Acid (anti-oxidant) or Sodium Metabisulphite (preservative).

  • Diced Apples - A range of particle sizes and shapes
  • Sliced Apples - Processed in various segment sizes to customer specification
  • Milled Apple - Processed to agreed specification
  • Pie Fillings - Processed to agreed specification
  • Pouched Apple - Processed Diced or Sliced apple in flexi-pouch
  • Canned apple - Processed to customer specification in A10 cans
  • Apple Pulp - Packed in 225 kg. plastic polydrums/1 tonne flow tanks/bulk tankers
  • Apple Puree - High quality apple puree processed and packed to customer specification

We are committed to achieving excellence in product quality and customer satisfaction. We consistently achieve our goals through constant development of our processes and quality management in the production of apple products. We are adaptable to customers needs and our professional staff are dedicated to providing our customers with exactly what they need, when they need it.

20 Cannagola Beg Rd | Portadown | Co. Armagh | BT62 1RR | Tel: 028 3885 1891 | Fax: 028 3885 2509

Processed Bramley Apple Products For The Food Industries In England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and Ireland